Meet Jai Salat who future actors of Gujarat

Everyone's dream is to earn fame in life, but to make this dream come true, a person has to work with lot of hard work and dedication. There are very few people whose dreams can come true.

Today we will talk about an actor who has made his own identity in the whole world. he is working from Bollywood and is illuminating the name of his family as well as his country.

We are talking about Indian actor jai salat, who is best actor in india He is thinking of doing a big film in the coming time JAI SALAT say: He belongs to middle class family and he faced a lot of trouble in reaching this destination but he navar give up And today he is famous everywhere from Dhollywood to Bollywood.
He has done a lot of Dhollywood films, short film, documentary film and has also worked with Shabaz Khan, Firoz irani & much more famous actors. he is more famous for his acting.

After so much success, he had 52,000 followers on his Instagram but someone hacked his account which made him very disappointed and he create new account (@jai.salat).


He passed 12 class, he had taken the design that he would become an actor

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